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Kimberly Siversen Burke, Director of Government Affairs
Quilty Space

Kimberly Siversen Burke began her media and public relations career in the nonprofit healthcare sector before transitioning to an editorial role with the international publishing firm Naylor Association Solutions. After discovering an unexpected passion for the space sector while developing marketing strategies for a cislunar startup, she joined Quilty Space (“the OGs of Space”) in 2021.

Kimberly led Quilty’s rebranding efforts, developing a new website, brand identity, and social media & marketing strategies. She was instrumental in launching the Quilty Space business intelligence dashboard and new offerings like Quilty QuickTakes and the Quilty SpaceTake news brief. Among her proudest early accomplishments was convincing the Quilty crew to embrace wide PowerPoint slides and ditch the Calibri font.

Supporting Quilty’s research and investment banking divisions, Kimberly devotes her days to content creation, editorial direction, and endless data wrangling. Recently, she began channeling her focus on the government space and commercial megaconstellation market. She crafts Quilty’s megaconstellation monthly report, infusing humor into the latest developments for Starlink and other megas. She prides herself on keeping Quilty’s clients updated with “PWSAnnouncements,” thanks to her tracking the Space Development Agency’s movements like a heat-seeking missile.

Kimberly received her B.S. in Journalism & Public Relations from the University of Florida in .

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