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Karan Kunjur, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
K2 Space Corporation

Karan is the Co-Founder and CEO of K2 Space. K2 Space is developing a high powered, low cost satellite bus platform that delivers the capability of exquisite satellites at the price point and speed of small satellites. Redesigned from the reaction wheel up, the K2 bus is designed to handle multiple orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO), handle multiple use cases and multi-manifest in launch vehicles like Falcon 9 – delivering 200kW of array power in a single launch. Prior to founding K2 Space, Karan helped build an artificial intelligence company – leading it from seed stage to 9-figure exit.

Before that, he spent almost 10yrs at the Boston Consulting Group, launching new businesses and leading turnaround efforts for their Fortune 500 clients. Karan studied Math and Economics at Northwestern University before getting an MBA from INSEAD.

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