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SpacePath is a 10-year-old British company who has an installed base of more than 6,000 TWTAs. SpacePath amplifiers define the third generation TWTA product line that is plug-n-play compatible with CPI and Xicom. We also offer a broad line of SSPAs for satcom applications. Our modular power supplies are designed with extra margin, using modern components for higher reliability. Using a unique carbon cooling structure, we offer the smallest, lightest amplifiers on the market which is critical for the tight spacing of modern hubs.

Benefits of SpacePath HPAs:
• 42% lighter weight
• 36% smaller
• Rapid delivery
• CPI or Xicom protocols and pin structure
• Easy installation and maintenance:
• US repair facility
• <14 day TAT goal for repairs • We don’t compete with our customers Our prices are competitive, and our delivery is quick. Let me know if we can provide more information or a quotation.

WEBSITE: http://www.space-path.com

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spacepath-communications-ltd/mycompany/

X: Roy Eric Schmidt

FACEBOOK: Roy Eric Schmidt

Event Contacts

Name Eric Schmidt
Title Vice President North American Sales
Email eric.schmidt@space-path.com
Cell +1 408 391 6534